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#15 G167-013 Morganite "N" Nigerian 15.5x13 Oval 12.25cts UL

  • Though morganite's has been well-known in modern years, its naming and solidification as a distinct gemstone didn't take place until 1910, when Madagascar's land revealed a mining site offering the poshly-colored stone. Accomplished gemologist and famed scholar, George Kunz, proposed the name to the science community in honor of his friend, gem collector, and Tiffany & Co. client, J.P. Morgan. These original morganite finds from Madagascar have long staked the saturation to which new sources are compared. Today, morganite can be found from Brazil, Mozambique, Afghanistan, Namibia, as well as the United States.

    It is, like all Beryls, relatively hard and therefore a great jewelry stone. Genrally heated and irradiated, this particular cabochon is from Nigeria and a completely natural color.

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