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#25 M124-016 Blue Green Tourmaline 8.5 x 6.5 Oval pair 2.99cts RIA


    Blue is the rarest variety of Tourmaline and this pair is almost pure blue with a lovely secondary of green.

    Tourmaline has been known to man for centuries, even though its gemological properties and classification has only been recorded within the last few hundred years. High jewels assumed to have been set with rubies and emeralds have been found to hold remarkable tourmalines instead. The name tourmaline was given after the Sinhalese word, “tourmali”, meaning mixed parcel, an ode to the arrangement of color often seen. Tourmaline is typically found in areas with heavy pegmatite formation, making Brazil, Mozambique, Madagascar, Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi, the United States, and others being important sources of the gem.


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