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#29 M115-003 Platinum/Grey Sapphire Oval 10x8.7 3.53cts "N" AAZ

  • Sapphire gleans its name from the Persian word “safir”, which gives ode to the ancient Greek interpretation of blue, “sappheiros”. The rulers of ancient Persia believed that the world rested upon the top of an enormous sapphire and that the sky's color was merely a reflection of the cobalt wonder beyond the horizon. In Medieval times, it was believed that a sapphire's color would fade with infidelity, making a crusader's return home all the more sweet when he found his wife's stone retained its saturation. There are notable examples of blue sapphire in most every royal and private collection, perpetuating the demand for the oceanic pebble. Countries such as Myanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Australia, and the United States are significant players in sapphire supply. Famed sapphires originating from Kashmir (Pakistan) remain exhausted, but are highly prized in the market.

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