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#33 I520-199-1 Green Montana Sapphire 8.4x6.8 Fancy 2.31cts RUA

  • Montana has been a source for sapphires since the early days of gold mining in the 1800s. It was never considered a very viable business although Kunz of Tiffanys was an early adopter, particularly the fine blue sapphire from the Yogo gulch mine.

    In the past five years, the popularity of Montana sapphires has grown dramatically with the demand for traceability of sourcing and also the interest in unusual colors of sapphire since many of the stones from Montana are of a blue-green color range with hints of grey. This demand has coincided with better mining methods that has increased the amount of rough available for cutting.


    Any Montana sapphire over 1 carat size is rare, so this stone is particularly large for Montana.

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