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#51 L117-006 Yellow Sapphire 9.4x6.6 Oval 2.02cts

  • Yellow sapphire has been a special stone in Hindi culture for extensive amounts of time. Known as pukhraj, yellow sapphire is one of the nine sacred gems in Vedic astrology and is linked to Jupiter's power. Traditionally set into gold, observation of yellow sapphire's influence on the cosmos is alive and well today. Historically mined from Sri Lanka, ancients referred to the island as Serendip and spoke of yellow sapphire waiting to be found in its lands. Serendip's fame gave us of the key to the word serendipity, or “happy surprise”. Lovely examples of yellow sapphire can also be found from Thailand, Australia, the United States, and Mayanmar (Burma).

    This particular stone is a very fine example of Yellow sapphire from Sri Lanka.

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