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#52 L251 Emerald 9.85mm Rnd 3.70cts UIAS

  • Most emerald available today is mined in Zambia, Colombia, Brazil, Afghanistan or Zimbabwe. Colombian emeralds have provided the root of legends, their luscious greens spreading beyond local borders in the mid 1500's to Europe and its internal trade routes. These historic gems have inspired the standard against which all emerald is judged today. Trapiche emerald, a curiously grand showing of six crystals having grown in unison, trace their peculiar origin back to the Muzo region of Colombia. In the 1960's, Zambian emerald established its ability to supply the world with its clean, blue-leaning hues. Regardless of origin, it's necessary for stones labeled as emerald to contain a significant amount of depth to their color in order to differentiate from more common and lightly-saturated green beryl.

    This emerlad is from Zambia and is an unusually large round gem.

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