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#53 I16d-607 Aquamarine 12.4x12 Fat Pearshape 5.09cts MAS

  • Aquamarine's lore goes beyond recorded history. It was first penned as aquamarine by Anselmus de Boodt, a gemologist of his time, in 1609. Reportedly, the name was pulled from the Latin translation for seawater.  Before that age, it was often tied into myths of protective power over human calamity and of increased spiritual being. Today's most significant source of aquamarine comes from Brazil, where it's been extracted by locals since the early 1800's. Mozambique currently plays an important role as a source of aquamarine, and Zambia, Nigeria, Australia, Madagascar, Pakistan, and occasionally the United States assistS with smaller supplies of the powdery blue gem.

    This stone would make a great pendant or ring.

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