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#68 I16a/107b Tanzanite 7-7.5 mm Round Cabs 8.32cts MS

  • Tanzanite has the ability to express blues and purples in a deeply saturated and seemingly mysterious manner much their own. With fine examples known to make blue and purple sapphire and dim by comparison, tanzanite quickly rose as a stone of importance after its discovery in 1967. A variety of the mineral and gemstone zoisite, tanzanite's fame has spread far and wide to create recognition globally. With its trichroic properties, tanzanite can display three different body colors when viewed from varied directions. Blue, purple, and an unsaturated, bronze hue can usually be seen in tanzanite with a keen, naked eye.

    Tanzanite rough stones that have small inclusions but which have great color are sometimes cut into cabochons, such as this very sweet parcel that would make a great piece or pieces of jewelry.

    They have fabulous color and just glow intense purple!

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