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#72 I16d-158 Red Spinel 7.4x5 oval 1.62cts NAS

  • This particular Spinel is from the Mahenge region in Tanzania, which has produced some of the finest red spinels mined in the past ten years.

    Spinel has been found on most every continent of the world, often from the same locations and mining sites as corundum. Historic spinels have been dubbed “Balas ruby” from a derivative of “Balascia,” which refers to the northern Afghanistan region Badakshan. Many fabled spinels were originally mined in the area, as well as Sri Lanka and Myanmar (Burma). Tajikistan, Vietnam, Pakistan, Tanzania, and Madagascar are current day additions to spinel's sources, allowing its celebrated hues to grace contemporary jewels beyond royal collections. The Black Prince Ruby, which graces the crown jewels of England, was fought over and was believed to be an extraordinary ruby for many centuries. It is now known to be an extraordinary spinel.

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